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January 10, 2013 § 4 Comments

Adolf Fassbender, The White Night (1936)

One of the unlooked-for perks of having a WordPress blog is having access to my site stats. That may not sound very exciting (unless you’re a hopeless technogeek, which I am decidedly not), but there is one aspect of the stats that I find strangely fascinating – the search terms. It probably has something to do with my ear for snatches of overheard conversation and my eye for fleeting glimpses of people walking down the street, but I think a large part of it is sheer curiosity about how people find me.

So, in honour of Dreams on Paper’s one-year anniversary, here is a collection of the best, most amusing or strangest search phrases so far.

Not surprisingly, most of you come here looking to find out about artists. The most popular search term, by far, is William Degouve de Nuncques (nice to know he seems to have more fans than I once thought); the second most popular, to my surprise, is Erika Hegewisch. (When I first wrote the post about her show at Christies I was disappointed to find so little information on her so I’m glad and humbled that my little corner of the web has become one of the places to seek her.) Third most popular: Egon Schiele… more often than not, it pains me slightly to report, for his self-portrait masturbating, which is frequently and quite creatively misspelled. *sigh* (Of course, by merely mentioning this here I’m now setting myself up to come up even higher up the list in such searches… I can’t win!)

Sometimes there are disarmingly misled questions:

how much do degouve paintings go for (I don’t know, but I’m sure I can’t afford one)

finding roommates in munich germany (go elsewhere, young traveller)

tell me the steps in cutting wing collar (I couldn’t if my life depended on it)

how to prevent dust on your open bookshelf (if only I knew)

“what is it about French” (would you mind being a little more specific?)

is the dogberry tree poisson (poisonous or a fish?)


There have been a few that make me worry that my blog has unwittingly become a tool of celebrity stalkers:

Richard Ayoade Crystal Palace

Rowan Atkinson Highbury

Rowan Atkinson Islington

(Sorry to disappoint you, but I have never actually bumped into either of them in their respective neighbourhoods. I did see Richard Ayoade on the Tube almost a year ago and was momentarily tempted to tell him how much I enjoyed Submarine, but immediately thought better of it.)


A few people were… somewhat misguided about what sort of blog this is:

Michael Fassbender “not safe for work” Shame (I hope you weren’t actually at work when you did this search)

François Damiens nude (I assume you aren’t the same person who was looking for naked photos of Michael Fassbender. If on the off-chance you are, let me congratulate you on your… well… very eclectic taste in men.)


A few were surprisingly poetic:

printmaking on dreams

o how i dream

les cathédrales de silence


A few more that made me laugh:

evil drawings by albert durer

famous gluttony art

is romain duris aging badly


And finally a few people came here in search of artists I had never heard of: Emilio Longoni (how the search ended here, I’ll never understand), who turns out to have been a minor Italian Divisionist painter, and Adolf Fassbender, a Pictorialist photographer (that’s one of his photos, The White Night, at the beginning of this post). So for those two small discoveries, thank you – whoever you are.


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